How reliable is your office security system? How reliable is your office security system?
What verticals are multisensor cameras suitable for? Today, multisensor cameras are deployed in a range of vertical markets where end users can benefit from these cameras’ unique characteristics.
What to know when securing renewable energy plants Interestingly, the nature of renewable energy has an impact on how plants insist on its security being handled too.
The eyes of the IoT Bjørn Skou Eilertsen, Chief Technology Officer for Milestone Systems, discusses how data and information generated by IoT sensors can be managed in a smart and secure manner.
Transportation a key element in smart cities in the world Amid rapid urbanization around the world, cities are faced with various problems. Municipalities as a result are working to solve these problems to make themselves more secure an...
Vertical Solutions
Connecting lighting and security cameras in the world's largest airport requires solutions that deliver on reliability,...
Asia Corner
Being a growth market, the Philippines is seeing a robust security industry as well, with numerous companies forecasting growth to be in the double digits. Certain technologies, for example body-worn cameras, analytics and command and control center solutions, are trending amid s...
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