What technologies are featured in SE Asia ITS? More and more, Southeast Asian cities are using ITS in use cases beyond law enforcement, utilizing the “intelligent” elements in intelligent transportation systems.
Seven key trends for the security industry in 2020 “Normally when we talk about trends and the future, we are actually thinking more about the present. The reason we are keen on understanding trends is because we want to know how...
What’s in store for video analytics in 2020? Needless to say, video analytics are an important element of video surveillance, helping make sense of what's in the video. With another year starting, it's important to discuss ...
How Southeast Asia can benefit from ITS Using intelligent transportation systems (ITS) to solve traffic problems has become a trend across the globe. Specifically, this trend is particularly noticeable in Southeast Asi...
Ideal school solutions to prevent active shooter incidents With active shooter incidents at an all-time high in US schools, the need for protection and prevention of gun violence against students and faculty has never been so critical.
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