Why augmented reality is grabbing headlines across verticals Until a few years ago, the concept of Augmented Reality (AR) was just a fancy technology that had a long way to reach a usable level and an even a longer way to reach the practic...
How HTMS combats highway congestion Needless to say, commuters and drivers feel pained and stressed out when stuck in highway congestion. To combat this, transportation authorities turn to highway traffic managemen...
What’s required to make HTMS work well To better control the flow of traffic on highways, authorities turn to highway traffic management systems (HTMS), which require various components to work well.
These projects show why Singapore is a leader in ITS In terms of intelligent transportation systems, Singapore is one of the most advanced in the world.
What technologies are featured in SE Asia ITS? More and more, Southeast Asian cities are using ITS in use cases beyond law enforcement, utilizing the “intelligent” elements in intelligent transportation systems.
RAI Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Makuhari Messe, Japan
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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