New and advanced camera technologies make traffic management better Advancements in camera technology and more affordable prices are giving road mangers the opportunity to incorporate them into their traffic management solutions.
What’s driving growth in the speed gate market? Speed gates, or automatic flaps that open and close upon passing individuals, are still in strong demand as a protection measure for passengers and employees. A recent study show...
Blockchain aids enterprise cybersecurity As companies have moved their infrastructure from local sites to online, they have also increased the potential for malicious cyberattacks. Storing data and access logs in blockc...
Blockchain strengthens data security and data exchange As cryptocurrency Bitcoin hit a record high price in 2017, those in the technology and finance industries were discussing one term more and more often — blockchain, a data storag...
How cameras and sensors can combine to make cities smarter Needless to say, video surveillance plays a critical role in smart city initiatives. Now, with more and more IoT sensors being deployed, they can work with IP cameras to make cit...
Hotel Aleksandar Palace, Skopje, Macedonia
Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC), Bangkok, Thailand
Fieramilano-Rho, Milano, Italy
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