Top 5 ways AI and data are powering the smart cities of the future Top 5 ways AI and data are powering the smart cities of the future
Latest surveillance technologies keep seaports more secure Among the many improvements in surveillance technology, several companies specifically pointed to​ artificial intelligence (AI) and improvements in video analytics as being key d...
Smart factory trends identified for next year Needless to say, factories have become smarter in the wake of IIoT and data. That said, the smart factory concept will continue next year, with the use of AR/VR, cybersecurity an...
Top security trends to look for in 2019 With 2019 around the corner, it's inevitable to look at what technology trends will be prevalent in the year to come. In this regard, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and e...
Building automation: going beyond the holistic approach With the increasing popularity of building automation solutions that has brought about the entry of intelligent devices and data-driven facilities management, architecture is now...
Vertical Solutions
Bosch experts for building safety are networking the IKEA MAR Shopping mall in the Algarve, Portugal with trendsetting solutions. They make sure everybody can feel at ease and safe during their shopping experience....
Asia Corner
If there is one thing that we can be sure of when talking about the security market in almost any country in Asia, it is that the growth is rapid. The more important question, therefore, is about which of the countries are expanding faster than the others and at what rate. Malays...
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