Shanghai Shine Technology rides AI wave with analytics software Shanghai Shine Technology rides AI wave with analytics software
Fingerprint-face readers see growth potential Fingerprint is still the primary biometric used in readers and other access control devices. However, certain limitations have prompted users to look for the possibility of addin...
Multimodal biometrics add extra layer of security More and more, end user organizations are deploying multimodal biometrics, which have certain advantages over unimodal solutions. Fingerprint readers alone, for example, can't re...
Building the physical security business through merger and acquisition Based on M&A data collected over the last 17 years on the physical security industry, our annual report shows a general upward trend in consolidation of the industry over this pe...
Unlocking the potential of smart locks through integration The evolution of smart technology over the past few years has transcended every industry. A few years ago smart locks were a new idea, an idea that seemed more about hype than tr...
Vertical Solutions
Founded in 1926, Mercyhurst College, named one of the “Best Colleges” by U.S. News & World Report and The Princeton Review, is a leading liberal arts college. ...
Asia Corner
NEC Platforms announced the opening of a new plant for its production-related affiliate, NEC Platforms Thai. The new three-story facility was constructed on a site adjacent to the company’s existing plant and has a total floor area of 29,305 square meters, making it 30% larger th...
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