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Key Specifications
Zigbee Wireless Repeater

WL-R-A IOT wireless repeater is an item of function device which is to assist IOT communication gateway and enlarge coverage area. It is mainly used for the spread of wireless network signals and regional coverage to achieve the smooth operation of home wireless network.

Working Principle

WL-R-A IOT wireless repeater can effectively connect to IOT communication gateway and Zigbee network devices which are beyond the IOT communication gateway’s controlling area. It realizes the repeater networking, enlarging coverage area, transmitting the controlling command of the gateway to related network devices as well as hoped.

WL-R-A IOT wireless repeater does not need to connect the network cable. Repeater can network by itself, enlarge network signals, build enormous tree network to achieve the smooth operation of the network.

Main features

Wireless connection without the bothering of the network cable.

Network and connect to related devices

Strengthen wireless signals, enlarge coverage areas of the network .

Effective coverage distance: 100m

Safe and reliable; it can move.

Network connect continuously and it is in online connection condition.

Easy installation and simple management for its simplified interface.

Operating environment: 0-40°

Technical Parameters:

Zigbee Wireless Repeater
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