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Key Specifications
Beautiful appearance

- Its beautiful appearance would make your house or club more graceful.

- You can choose a LED backlight color that matches with the interior decoration. The brightness of each LED can be adjusted.

Simple operation

- Conform to ergonomic design and buttons are designed according to fingers' natural curve.

- The using method is the same as ordinary switch's.

- LED light can indicate the working status of the switch and by setting, it can indicate more status types (when the alarm is raised, it will flash continuously and when someone moves at the door, it can change colors).

Complete intelligent design

- Use ZigBEE cellular network communication;

- The dimming switch can adjust the brightness of the light and thus to save the energy.

- Ordinary switch can not only control the light but also provide switch control for other load types (such as exhaust fan and TV, etc).

- Low-voltage switch can control fluorescent lamp

Simple installation

- After installing, it can take the place of ordinary switch.

- Special shell shape can reduce the damage to the wall maximally and make the installation easier.

- Compatible with ordinary American standard socket board.

- Suitable for any standard wall socket board and thus to provide complete customization.

Use Control4 dimmer, timer and sensor can reduce the power consumption. If using Control4 to manage a typical house with 3 rooms, it can help eliminate 850 pound carbon dioxide emissions every year, which equals to the emissions of you driving a mouth. However, it is just a part of it, which means that you actions might have direct influence to the environment; furthermore, the energy-saving function of Control4 is more than that.
Zigbee Wireless Dimmer Switch
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