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Key Specifications
Zigbee Wireless Automatic Curtain System

1.Zigbee wireless control

2.Motor automatic memorized distance positioning system

产品详细描述 Zigbee Wireless Automatic Curtain System

WL-WCC-01 series wireless automatic curtain system is built based on IOT technology. When you wake up in the morning or before you back home, curtain will be open automatically; when you are going to sleep, curtain will automatically close. All these actions don’t need the remote controller or wall control button. All you need to do is holding your mobile phone to make a gesture. Besides, the curtain also has contextual model. When emergency situations such as illegal break in, fire disaster, gas leakage or burglary happens in your home, curtain will be automatically open to help you relieve the emergencies. Home furnishing will suffer from the blazing sunshine when you leave home. At that time, the curtain leaving open could automatically close. All these actions can be automatically completed without any manual work.

Main features:

Intelligent ultra silent design and high precision AC motor, super lubricated and muted slide way

IOT wireless(Zigbee)control, it can be controlled by mobile phone, tablet computer, button remote or short range control with unlimited distance.

Used for straight rail or arc-shaped curtains, slide way is 18m at maximum, safe load of the dynamo is 60kg, rated power of the dynamo is 60W.

Motor automatic memorized distance positioning system. It can automatically stop(not collision stop) when it is in place. No wearing operation. Super long lifetime.

The third generation dynamo electromagnetic clutch; automatic seperation and union; dual use by manual or by electricity; the curtain could be pulled easily no matter the power is on or off

Slide way uses ultra silent and super lubricated design; built-in steel wire rope and synchronous belt drive; large bearing capacity and mute operation

Hand starts function; slow start and slow stop function; operation is more smooth.

Slide way interfix function; it can set two common stop sites for the curtain; standardized lighting regulation

Zigbee Wireless Automatic Curtain System
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