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Key Specifications

Zigbee wireless automation window operator

1.Used for opening the skylight / sash window / shutter / high window / vent window

2.The largest push-pull effort reach 1000 N

3.Can be applied in moist and dusty occasions

4.The best sealing technology

5.Easy installation and low voice

6.Simple in operation,it can be remotely controlled by mobile phone, iPad etc.

Technical Parameter

Power Supply AC220V, DC24V

Rated Power 50W

Pull-push Effort 650N, 800N, 1000N

Control Mode Zigbee

Running Speed 10mm/S

Route Specification 400mm600mm800mm1000mm

Route Safeguard Electronic overload mode

Operating Environment -2585°C

Working Life more than10 thousand times

Protection Level IP55

Terminal Route Electronic mode

Appearance Color Selectable

Main Part Dimension 160*46*106mm; Body length: (X00+160)mm

Shell Material Alufer, brighting silver

Zigbee Wireless Automation Window Operator
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