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Key Specifications
The Aeron is a ruggedized, fully-integrated, multi-sensor platform which is ideally suited for short to long range surveillance applications. The Aeron can be configured with a selection of electro-optical modules covering both the visible and thermal spectrum.

Thermal lens options:
- Fixed LWIR lens options between 14mm and 100mm
- Zoom LWIR lens options: 15mm to 100mm, 26 mm to 105mm, 50mm to 150mm
- Zoom LR LWIR lens options: 15mm to 75mm
- Zoom MWIR lens options: 19mm to 275mm, 15mm to 300mm

All of these thermal lenses are accompanied with a HD or 4K visible video.

Featured Accessories:
– White Light, IR and Covert IR Illumination
– Visible and Thermal Image Hybridisation
– Integrated Target Tracking
– 2-AXIS GYRO Stabilisation
– Image Stabilisation
Aeron - Short to Long Range PTZ with LWIR or MWIR options
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