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Key Specifications
The Jaegar is a ruggedized, fully-integrated, modular multi-sensor PTZ camera station which is ideally suited for medium to ultra long range surveillance applications. The Jaegar features a through shaft which enables a fixed payload (such as a radar) to be mounted directly above the Jaegar PTU.

Utilising the latest motor drive technology, the Jaegar is able to offer industry leading pan and tilt speeds whilst maintaining pin point positioning accuracy.

Thermal lens options:
- Fixed LWIR lens between 14mm to 100mm
- Zoom LWIR lens: 15-100mm, 26-105mm, 50-150mm, 25-150mm, 25-225mm
- Zoom LR LWIR lens: 15-75mm, 25-150mm, 25-225mm, 40-300mm
- Zoom MWIR lens: 15-300mm, 35-690mm, 45-900mm, 80-960mm

Each thermal lens is accompanied by either a HD or 4K visible camera.

Options include:
– Long range white Light, IR and Covert IR Illumination
– Visible and Thermal Image Stabilisation
– Integrated Target Tracking
– Laser Range Finder
– Laser Illumination
– Counter UAS Solutions
- SWIR Camera
Jaegar - Long range multi-sensor PTZ camera platform with through shaft
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