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Key Specifications
MOBOTIX Storage And ONVIF-S Recorder

Perfect device to store MOBOTIX IoT cameras, MOBOTIX MOVE cameras and ONVIF-S based IP cameras. Through our VMS (MxMC 2.0 and higher) the user can playback all recording of the MxNAS including the ONVIF-S footage. A highly efficient complete solution with secure data storage from a single source, which now allows decentralized and centralized video components to be easily combined.

  • Integrated recording software supports MJPEG, H.264 and ONVIF-S compatible network cameras

  • Unlimited number of recording channels for MOBOTIX IoT cameras (with MxPEG+ video codec)

  • Hot swappable HDD, redundant power supply and support of external JBOD storage

  • Recording software supports MOBOTIX MOVE and third-party ONVIF cameras

  • Ready for up to 32 ONVIF recording channels

  • No license fees required for MOBOTIX IoT cameras

  • Fully supported by MOBOTIX

In order to ensure our customers the same MOBOTIX-proven premium product quality in network storage, and because only MOBOTIX NAS devices are equipped with special MxMC interface software, we can provide central access to all camera recordings in connection with MxMC (as of version 2.0) from the decentralized MOBOTIX IoT cameras of the Mx6 series as well as ONVIF-S cameras of the MOBOTIX MOVE series and / or third-party ONVIF-S cameras.

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