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  • Country: United States
  • City: Leeds
  • Address: 8 Turnberry Park Road, Gildersome, Morley, LS27 7LE, UK
  • Contact Person: Yunus Mamoniat
Key Specifications
ComNet product series RLGE2FE16R are substation-rated and industrially hardened layer 2 managed switches/layer 3 routers, with a unique and highly robust packet processing SCADA-aware security firewall for the most mission-critical and demanding cyber-security applications. The RLGE2FE16R is intended for deployment in environments where high levels of electromagnetic noise and interference (EMI) and severe voltage transients and surges are routinely encountered, such as electrical utility substations and switchyards, heavy manufacturing facilities, track-side electronic equipment, and other difficult out-of-plant installations. Layer 3 routing functionality allows for the participation and foundation of a core network infrastructure.
The RLGE2FE16R is an ideal platform for deploying a secure communications and networking gateway for remote electrical utility sites, and other critical infrastructure applications.

* Internal/self-contained universal power supply
* L-2/3/4 ACL for incoming traffic and layer 2/layer 3 VPN with IPsec
* IPsec VPN with X.509 certificates, for use over any cellular or fiber-optic network
* Rugged metal housing, DIN-rail mountable and rated for IP-30 ingress protection
* Optional internal 2G/3G/4G LTE GPRS/UMTS cellular radio modem with 2 SIM card slots, for maximum network reliability and availability
* Optional serial interface supports 4 ports of RS-232 serial data, with serial gateway and serial tunneling

ComNet RLGE2FE16R Ethernet Switcher Router
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