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ComNet Now Single Source for Fiber Optic, Copper and Wireless Network Solutions
Source: ComNet
ComNet Europe Ltd of Leeds in the United Kingdom, a USA-based manufacturer of fiber optic and copper transmission and networking equipment, has introduced a line of wireless Ethernet Transmission Products. The NetWave?line will consist of point-to-point kits, as well as point to multipoint models. The NetWave NWK-2 is available exclusively as a kit and contains all the components needed to transmit a single Ethernet stream between a remote location and Access Point. The second model, the NetWave? NW-2 is a user–configured as an endpoint or head end Access Point. It allows multiple endpoints to be connected to the head end Access Point. To make NetWave? products easy to install, all NetWave?products feature LED arrays that assists the installer in aligning the antennas for optimal performance. This feature as well as many others further supports the ComNet goal of simplifying NetWave? installation.

“When we decided to enter the wireless transmission market, we evaluated the competitive landscape and determined the need to simplify installation was paramount. We felt that with our existing channel partners and world-wide customer base, we could offer a better wireless solution. NetWave? is the result, said Steve Clarke, ComNet Europe Managing Director.

“One of our goals at ComNet has always been to demystify transmission, be it fiber optic or Ethernet. NetWave simplifies wireless. It is “power, point and play” easy. Power it up, point the antennas and start transmitting Ethernet,” Clarke concluded.

With the introduction of NetWave wireless Ethernet products, ComNet has become a single-source solution offering transmission solutions over all media types.

“Our goal has always been to be a one-stop resource for all our customers, offering transmission solutions over copper, optical fiber and now wireless,” said Skip Haight, ComNet VP of Marketing. “We believe having a one place to turn to for USA-made quality solutions for any virtually any challenge as well as an exceptional level of support will be a huge benefit for anyone implementing a transmission network. ComNet will have resources available to make sure all your transmission solutions will integrate. Imagine the time and effort that can be saved by only having to deal with one company,” Haight continued.
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