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Key Specifications


A Complete Point-to-Point Wireless Ethernet Solution – These preconfigured kits include a factory-paired Access Point and Client, plus the power supplies and mounting equipment to install and connect them.

Point-to-Multipoint – The NetWave® NW series are available as hardened and commercial models with region-specific model numbers for North America and Europe. These point-to-multipoint units allow multiple Ethernet endpoints to be connected to a central Access Point. The NW1 and NW2 models may be powered from a PoE source.

High Throughput – The NetWave® NW7[E] environmentally hardened High Throughput (HT) wireless Ethernet transmission single radio model was designed for high throughput point-to-point or multi-point applications and comes with an integrated 19dBi, 17° beamwidth antenna.

Hardened Dual Radio Wireless Ethernet – The NetWave® NW8[E] dual radio models are designed for redundant ring, and drop & repeat applications. Radio 1 can be configured for 5 GHz or 2.4 GHz operation and connects to an external antenna. Radio 2 supports 5 GHz operation and is connected to the 19 dBi internal antenna. PSE PoE is standard on the NW8[E]; port 1 supports IEEE 802.3at PD PoE power, port 2 sources IEEE 802.3at PSE PoE power for powering IEEE 802.3at PoE PD connected devices.

Solar Power for Wireless Ethernet – Compatible with any of the ComNet Industrially Hardened NetWave® Wireless Ethernet Units, the NetWave® Solar is a complete system for providing remote power to edge communications equipment. The kit includes a high quality photovoltaic solar panel, outdoor enclosure, power controller with integrated power injection module, all the mounting hardware and is available with or without sealed lead acid batteries.

Key Feature

* Lifetime warranty

* Up to 95 Mbps throughput

* 802.11a/n compliant

* Distances up to 2 mi (FCC) or 2 km (ETSI)

* Powered by the included power injection module or by an IEEE802.3af PoE compliant device

* Environmentally hardened -40º to 75º C

* Meets class IP67 dust and water immersion protection standards

Comnet NetWave Wireless Ethernet Transmission
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