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Key Specifications

The NetWave NW1 and NW2 from ComNet is an industrially hardened wireless Ethernet transmission link that can be configured through the embedded User Interface as a Client or as an Access Point. This point-to-multipoint model allows multiple Ethernet endpoints to be connected to a central Access Point. Up to 15 endpoints can be linked to a central access point. The NW1 and NW2 support up to 95Mbps throughput using MIMO technology. An easy to read LED array displays unit operational status along with received signal strength ensuring optimal installation and operation. The units are passive powered by PoE (Power over Ethernet) through a supplied PoE injection module. The NW1 is FCC certified and the NW2 is ETSI, DFS and TPC certified.

* 802.11a/n Compliant
* RF Spectrum Survey Tools
* Antenna Alignment Tools
* Passive PoE Support
* Secure transmission: WPA2 – AES or TKIP encryption
* ComNet Antenna alignment feature eases installation and setup
* Distance adjustments allow for short- or long- range transmission

ComNet NetWave NW1/NW2
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