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The winner of the 2015 Onvif Award Program is …Videotec!
Source: Videotec
Ottavio Campana, team leader of the Electronic R&D department at Videotec, was honoured with the victory of the 2015 Onvif Award Program.
The prize was presented by the Onvif Steering Committee, composed of 50 people from the most eminent companies in the field of CCTV. The aim of the award is “To recognise both individuals and companies who have made significant contributions to the industry, which have helped it to mature and grow in a number of ways. This could be from work with standards, interoperability, integration, etc. but does not include work on any specific products”.
The award criteria are wide-ranging:
- Has motivated and inspired others in the forum
- Has demonstrated the ability to take charge by creating or developing a program, project, or activity that has impacted the forum.
- Is recognized for their commitment to the success of the forum and its work.
- Has significantly contributed to the wider adoption of the ONVIF specification as the industry standard
Thanks to its years of experience with PTZ cameras, Videotec has contributed to, and continues to be active in, the development of procedures, especially when it comes to positioning systems for cameras in harsh environments.
Alessio Grotto, president of Videotec, has -d, “We welcome this important recognition with great joy and satisfaction and we thank Ottavio for his work. Videotec has always recognised the importance of open, standardised procedures to ensure maximum interoperability of video surveillance devices”.
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