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From VIDEOTEC the First and Only True-IP-PTZ for Network Cameras
Always a step ahead! the NEW ULISSE NETCAM is the unique PTZ in the world able to move and completely manage modern SD, HD and Megapixel cameras and to easily integrate in a network system. All the functions of the unit and camera can be managed through the most popular VMS in the market, over ONVIF Profile S protocol. The whole system management needs only one IP address.

Just like a standard IP speed dome does, but what this unique product is able to offer is not comparable to a simple IP speed dome.

The all-in-one ULISSE NETCAM PTZ is the most powerful, efficient and competitive range of camera positioning units available for outdoor surveillance tasks. Offering over hundred different models, you can customize the solution to your specific need. They offer proven reliability to withstand the harshest environmental conditions, such as a round-the-clock duty, extreme temperatures, strong and sandy wind. Designed for minimal maintenance, they ensure an enhanced resistance to operation-induced stress.

Install your favourite fixed IP camera and whatever zoom lens size you need onboard the NEW ULISSE NETCAM and feel free to use it for outdoor environment monitoring, with a lot of added benefits.

Several options available for a total freedom of choice: use the best IP cameras! use the best zoom for excellent image quality!
* Over hundred different models available for compact, medium and big zoom lenses for the longest target distances
* Two powerful IR illuminators for a clear night vision up to 240m (788ft)
* Self-parking wiper not interfering within the viewing range of the camera
* Special glass window for IP thermal cameras

Heavy duty mechanism designed for outdoor critical missions
* Less susceptible to vibrations than PTZ domes cameras
* Above the Horizon view
* Serviceability: once in place the unit does require very low maintenance
* Operating temperature down to -30°C (-22°F) with reinforced heater
* Resistant to strong wind, withstands up to 210km/h (130mph)
* Resistant to salty fog and damp heat
* IP66/IP67 weatherproof
* Six alarm inputs can be programmed for a range of responses including patrol, scan, autopan and move to preset position
* Slowest Speed 0.02°/sec: high accuracy when moving between preset positions and repeatability

Simplified and future proof installation:
* Easy to install: quick and simple electrical connections:
- possibility to test in-house the unit
- a “floating” multi-way connector ensures that the base and the upper parts mate together easily – a definite bonus when installing or replacing an ULISSE head at altitude or in a precarious location
* Side opening aluminium housing, the accessibility to the camera, lens and all its connections is made far easier
* A 3 years warranty that covers all parts without restrictions on presets or movements.
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