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The NEW High-Performance LED Illuminator Range from VIDEOTEC
Source: Videotec
The new GEKO complete line of LED illuminators, designed and produced by VIDEOTEC, respond to the need of excellent lighting and clear night-time CCTV images in any environment, for SD and Megapixel cameras.

The new GEKO illuminators incorporate the latest generation of SMD LEDs. The Surface Mounted LED technology offers benefits such as a longer lamp lifespan, higher reliability and lower power consumption.

The GEKO's average life expectancy is of 11 years. VIDEOTEC's advanced production capability plus the long lifetime of these illuminators result in an overall reduction in energy comsumption and therefore the pollution from their manufacture. This makes the GEKOs the best environmentally friendly choice.

The GEKO illuminators can be used in any indoor and outdoor environment, having been tested to comply with IP66/IP67 standards. Their best operating level is guaranteed in a wide temperature range, from -50°C to +60°C, and still maintain their long term reliability.

The wide number of models available can serve almost any kind of lighting need and deliver an optimal coverage of the area with beam widths of up to 60°.

An adjustable built-in sensor is available for automatic activation and deactivation according to the light levels on the scene.

These illuminators incorporate a circuit that allows them to be powered directly from a 12Vdc/24Vac or 24Vdc supply.

All models are supplied with a wall bracket and the IRH models can be easily fixed under a housing.

The GEKO illuminators have been designed for hi-security surveillance applications such as military sites, perimeter monitoring, airports, prisons, harbors, as well as residential, commercial and urban monitoring.
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