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Videotec IFSEC 2013 Product Focus
The CCTV market has now fully grasped the potential of IP technology and is gradually making the transition from traditional video monitoring systems to network video solutions.
In order to simplify the life of operators choosing to migrate to the new technologies offered by the network, Videotec, as a major international manufacturer of CCTV systems, continues to focus upon innovation and is launching on the market a crucial solution for the installation of network video cameras.

Typically, in CCTV installations, one of the most common problems is that of supplying power to the devices. In fact, complex and expensive cables are required in order to power analogue video cameras.

Modern IP video cameras instead offer different ways, such as the IEEE 802.3af standard for Power over Ethernet (PoE); a particularly beneficial solution as it has significantly reduced the system costs. PoE, which cannot be used for analogue video cameras, allows network devices to be powered thanks to a switch or a midspan PoE and the same standard category 5 cable used for the transmission of data and videos, without using additional power supply cables.
No less important for surveillance applications, PoE offers a further benefit: the video cameras remain in operation even in the event of a power blackout, thanks to the centralised power reserve system which typically powers the server room.

In addition to PoE, there is now an even more advanced IEEE 802.3at standard also known as Hi-PoE/PoE Plus. Hi-PoE technology provides greater power availability than PoE so as to power, in addition to the video cameras, also internal heating and/or cooling.

Videotec, active for more than twenty-five years in the creation of innovative solutions for industry operators, has analysed the various issues relating to the installation of IP PoE video cameras and has succeeded in putting together a new generation of housings that combines innovative “intelligent” control technology and advanced functionality for the protection and ideal operation of these video cameras.

These particular housings, thanks to the innovative “IPM” (Intelligent Power Management) system, optimally use PoE and Hi-PoE technology, using the power made available by the Ethernet cable as a sole power source for all managed devices. Greater reliability and flexibility of the network system is thereby achieved, along with the simplification of installation operations and the reduction of costs.

The great benefit of the Hi-PoE IPM system is that it automatically identifies all options present, such as heating, fan and, something unique, an external LED light, and only then automatically performs a balance of power and thus suitably distributes the same to the connected devices. This ensures the optimum functioning of the IP video cameras in a temperature range from -30°C to 60°C, with automatic temperature control and “cold start”, which protects the devices in the event of a cold start.

Videotec decided to apply the IPM technology to the HOV and VERSO famous series of housings with side opening, today installed in every area of the world. Thanks to their versatility and robustness, these housings satisfy the requirements of an extremely extensive scope of applications, protecting video cameras and thereby ensuring the best performance. The option of heating for glass de-misting and de-icing will be available along with the option of dual-filter ventilation for air recirculation.

The IPM system offers the possibility of retrofitting on analogue systems with HOV or VERSO already installed, by way of the simple change of housing and internal electronics.
This allows for the conversion to the digital system, optimising installation/system update times and consequently reducing costs and the environmental impact thanks to the re-use of already existing housings.
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