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IndigoVision makes perimeter protection easy with Geoquip Integration
Source: IndigoVision
IndigoVision has launched its latest Integration Module enabling data to be seamlessly integrated between Geoquip perimeter protection and detection systems and IndigoVision’s complete IP video security solution.

By allowing perimeter alarm information from the Geoquip system to be managed in the IndigoVision solution, total security management is made incredibly easy.

Events and alarms from the Geoquip system automatically trigger live video or move PTZ cameras within Control Center, IndigoVision’s software user interface, to focus on a position where suspicious activity has been detected. Recordings and sending of notification emails can also be activated.

"As with all of the IndigoVision Integration Modules, everything is automatic and all alarm information is easily managed in a single user interface ensuring action and response is quicker and evidence is recorded at the highest quality." stated John Semple, IndigoVision’s Head of Product Management.

"IndigoVision has focused on making security management as easy as possible for not only the security manager, but more importantly for the people who use it on a daily basis, the security operator. The IndigoVision Integration Modules are a significant part of that approach. With the recent release of IndigoVision’s Control Center 4.8, we have created a security user interface like no other. Control Center is highly advanced but incredibly easy to use, making operator response faster no matter where the camera is located. When you add Control Center’s client licence free pricing structure it can be installed any number of times with no additional cost. It’s clear to see why IndigoVision is the solution of choice for completely integrated security projects." Concluded John Semple.
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