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IndigoVision – fast, easy control at your fingertips
Source: IndigoVision
IndigoVision has launched a new Surveillance Keyboard that allows simple operation of cameras and fast switching between live video and recorded footage. The new keyboard provides operators with an intuitive interface and playback capabilities that allows fast response to incidents.

For an operator, a responsive, reliable and easy to use keyboard makes the difference between a good security system and a great one. This keyboard has been designed to work seamlessly with IndigoVision’s complete IP video security solution. It allows the user to quickly playback an incident then return to the live video, removing the need to switch to PC-based controls to review footage.

With a modern, robust design the IndigoVision Surveillance keyboard offers full command and control functionality. The simple layout and interactive LCD display make it easy to select cameras, with immediate feedback on camera and viewing pane selection, while the joystick allows accurate control of PTZ cameras.

The keyboard offers increased functionality, including playback support with the latest version of SMS4 release 5, and has been designed to replicate and improve on traditional analogue CCTV matrix controls. The simple and familiar interface allows an easy upgrade from analogue to IP based monitoring for operators.
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