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IndigoVision’s HD Bullet Camera provides robust surveillance
Source: IndigoVision
The launch of the BX600 HD Bullet Camera from IndigoVision creates a new, robust outdoor surveillance option with in-built IR illumination. The camera provides a high-resolution, open-standards offering and is highly effective where there is a requirement for an external camera in areas of minimal night-time ambient light. IP66 rated and ONVIF-conformant, the HD Bullet can be installed externally, without the need to be placed within an additional weather-proof housing, and can tolerate a wide range of conditions from -30?C to 50?C (-22?F to 122?F). The camera requires no additional lighting source, as it has built-in IR illumination delivering maximum image quality in low light.

The easy to install HD Bullet enables customers to implement high-quality 1080p HD video while benefiting from IndigoVision’s complete solution. Users can view live and recorded video from the camera within Control Center, the user interface to IndigoVision’s Security Management Solution, SMS4?. The cameras can be located anywhere on the network and streamed to numerous clients without the need for a central server. This distributed architecture enables the solution to be easily expanded and eliminates any single point of failure.

Alex Swanson, Head of Engineering, commented “The new IndigoVision HD Bullet provides us with a trusted open-standards HD camera suitable for outdoor and low-light use. Designed to work seamlessly with IndigoVision’s SMS4?, the new addition complements the existing camera range providing customers with more choice and flexibility.”

The BX600 HD Bullet Camera is a further expansion to IndigoVision’s 1080p BX camera range, which includes BX400 HD Minidomes and Microdomes.
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