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IndigoVision’s powerful PTZ Dome cameras
Source: IndigoVision
Surveillance in large outdoor sites brings specific challenges: you need cameras that can cover a wide area and you need to factor for wind and other environmental aspects that will affect the hardware and image quality.

IndigoVision, has enhanced its 9000 PTZ camera range to provide the reliable video surveillance that is needed in these conditions. Offering high quality, low bandwidth, standard definition video even in ultra-low lighting conditions, the 9000 PTZ has been designed to withstand the elements. Operators can monitor large areas and pan and zoom on incidents as they occur with exceptionally low latency ensuring smooth camera control.

Pendant-mounted cameras are inevitably affected by wind, particularly when ‘zoomed in’ on a scene. The new 9000 PTZs therefore include automatic image stabilisation and StableZoomTM technology, to minimise the effects of movement and ensure effective monitoring and recording of events.

Two new optical zoom variants are offered:

* A 28x optical zoom (plus 12x digital) StableZoom? product is suitable for day and night operation with market leading low light performance.
* A 36x optical zoom (plus 12x digital) StableZoom? product also comes with day/ night capability, plus wide dynamic range (WDR) for challenging lighting situations and progressive scan sensor for improved video quality on PC monitors.

All of the 9000 PTZ Domes work seamlessly with SMS4?, IndigoVision's Security Management Solution and are offered as an in-ceiling camera or pendant camera (Standard, Environmental and Arctic), with a range of mounting options to suit any position.

IndigoVision guarantees full frame rate video on the cameras, giving users confidence that no evidence or incident coverage will be missed. Dual encoding allows simultaneous transmission of both high and low bandwidth streams, and low latency ensures smooth control and fast response for operators.

Alex Swanson, IndigoVision Head of Engineering, commented: “The new, expanded range of IndigoVision PTZ domes will be ideal for many of our clients’ needs. The cameras provide us with a reliable solution and a range of options to suit any lighting condition or environment.”
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