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Indigovision releases 5-megapixel cams
Source: IndigoVision
The IndigoVision IP camera range has been expanded with the launch of the new 5 Megapixel (5MP) cameras. These high resolution cameras deliver amazing image quality and significant storage cost savings with all the benefits of IndigoVision’s unique Distributed Network Architecture (DNA).

The outstanding features of the 5MP camera range include; 12 frames per second (12fps) at 5MP resolutions, lower bandwidth requirements through advanced H.264 compression, superior low-light and Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) performance and up to four simultaneous video streams each with an independent resolution setting all in a camera that is ONVIF conformant.

"The IndigoVision 5MP camera range has been developed to work within IndigoVision’s unique Distributed Network Architecture (DNA), removing the requirement for a management server." stated Tom Frame, IndigoVision System Architect. "The use of a centralised management server in surveillance systems creates a dangerous single point of failure which places fundamental limitations on scalability as well as increasing total system cost. These weaknesses become even more visible when systems need high megapixel cameras."

IndigoVision's Distributed Network Architecture (DNA) is achieved through superior solution design within IndigoVision's Network Video Recorders and award winning video management software, Control Center, with the advantage of analytics at the edge. By completely removing the management server, as with all IndigoVision IP cameras and encoders, the IndigoVision 5MP camera range is easier to install and manage on a network. IndigoVision’s Distributed Network Architecture (DNA) delivers unparalleled scalability, reduces the time for operators to access live and recorded video, removes any single point of failure and dramatically reduces the total cost of ownership.

This IndigoVision 5MP camera range provides an advanced solution to the Megapixel camera market through the unique combination of high resolution, exceptional camera design and Distributed Network Architecture (DNA). Available in Bullet, Fixed, Minidome and Microdome form factors the 5MP cameras increase IndigoVision’s full camera range to over 50 cameras giving more choice than ever before.

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