Wireless BCN is launching its new website

Source: Wireless BCN | Date: 07/01/2010
Sant Cugat del Vallès, June 30th, 2010

Within the process of strategic restructuration of ELECTRONICA BARCELONA, we are pleased to announce the new name of the company as WIRELESS BCN in order to continue providing our best service and products within the field of radio communications.

Likewise, and as an immediate result of this process improvement and change, we are reporting two significant milestones of WIRELESS BCN to continue improving our robust and innovative products and solutions for radio-communication systems:

? the launching our new corporate www.wireless-bcn,com where can be easily found and identified all of our products and solutions for surveillance and security applications, TV and radio, and remote access control and telecommunication systems.

? The introduction of our new series of radio SmarTRCA as a professional solution optimal for short-range applications for CCTV wireless connexion. This product is designed for short-range facilities and to be competitive in comparison of a wired solution.

In addition to the developments presented WIRELESS BCN, we confirm our strong commitment to continue to deliver the best solutions, robust innovative products through existing lines of electronic products BARCELONA, as well as the new series of technological solutions that we will be complemented soon.

About Wireless BCN.

Founded in 1967, Electrónica Barcelona started its activities in the catalan capital with full dedication to systems via radio developments, from simple voice communication to complex radio control systems, image transmission, or other types of communications.
Later on, in 1986, the headquarters moved to El Prat de Llobregat, (Barcelona area) to expand the R & D facilities as well as Manufacturing and Engineering groups, to keep improve the design and development of new products to give solutions to a wide range of diversified areas such as Industrial, Security or Communications.

During these 43 years, thousands of private and public entities have trusted our products in the field of electronics, telecommunications or broadcasting to make Electrónica Barcelona a reference in RF systems.

Since March 2010, a new management team is leading a new cycle under the new brand name of Wireless BCN. Operating from Sant Cugat del Valles (Barcelona), with new R & D facilities, the business strategy is both marketing current Electrónica Barcelona products as create new solutions for telecommunication infrastructure deployment based on new technologies. Also, the company will promote its products out of Spanish for a global reach.

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