Leading UK Bank Benefits from Avigilon Multi Mega Pixel Solution

Source: BFi OPTiLAS Ltd | Date: 01/05/2010
BFI Optilas Ltd, Europe's leading distributor, has worked together with security integrator Niscayah, and the UK's leading bank to design and supply the latest Mega Pixel CCTV solution in London's banking centre, Canary Wharf.

Canary Wharf is London's leading business and banking region being home to some of the UK's most prestigious brands. With the bank being based in such a reputable location meant only the best CCTV solution would be considered.

Avigilon's leading end to end mega pixel solution was chosen for its exceptional recorded image quality and ease of use for security staff.

The system boasts camera resolutions of up to five mega pixel, providing security staff with up to 15 times the resolution and quality of their current analogue system, utilising Avigilon's unique visually lossless compression has ensured the recorded footage on Avigilon pre-configured servers is able to provide images suitable for identification and evidential purposes.

“The new Mega Pixel cameras have transformed our recorded image quality and the ease of use will benefit all staff involved,” The bank security manager commented.

The system is one of the few digital recording systems to comply with the latest BS 8495 digital recording standard. Lifetime -s to Avigilon's award winning software will enable the system to be upgraded as and when technology or guidelines change. This means the system will continue to improve at no extra expense to the organisation and provide an excellent base for future expansion and integration as needs arise.

Utilising existing analogue cable runs and network infrastructure shows how this Mega Pixel solution can drastically improve image and system performance whilst retaining existing investment and infrastructure.

The mega pixel cameras have been positioned in high risk areas, where identification and indisputable detail is required. Using Avigilon JPEG2000 visually lossless compression, allowed the system design to be based on Avigilon's mathematical design tools to provide a system fit for purpose. Using other compression methods would mean more guess work and less mathematical design and therefore more risk for the system not meeting the end user requirements.

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