ioimage Ltd.
ioimage Ltd.
CCTV, IP Surveillance, Intrusion Detection, Management Platform
Basic Profile
  • Country: Israel
  • Tel: 9-9-9546003
  • Fax: -9-9546004
  • Address: 3 Maskit Street, P.O. Box 12414, Herzliya 46733 Israel
  • Website:
  • Business Nature: Manufacturer
  • Contact Person: Fiona Ungar
Corporation in Brief
  • Established Year: 2000
  • OEM/ODM experience: no
Company Introduction
  • Founded in 2000, ioimage has pioneered the concept of intelligent video appliances, delivering high performance video analytics designed and packaged for simplicity. ioimage helps government, public and commercial organizations to transform video surveillance into a proactive, event-driven process, using networked DSP-based devices for real-time detection, alert and tracking of intruders, vehicles and threats.

    ioimage''''s high-performance field-proven analytics has been endorsed and certified by government and critical-security organizations, such as the Israeli Defense Forces, power plants and nuclear reactors, air and sea ports, petroleum and chemical infrastructure facilities. Its design for simplicity is delivering the value of intelligent video to a broader commercial market, minimizing the associated complexity and cost.
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