ImageWare System(IWS)
ImageWare System(IWS)
Access Control, Management Platform
Basic Profile
  • Country: United States
  • Tel: 858-673-8600
  • Fax: 858-673-1770
  • Address: 10883 Thornmint Road San Diego, CA 92127
  • Website:
  • Business Nature: Manufacturer
  • Contact Person: Iwsinc Officer
Corporation in Brief
  • Established Year: 1987
  • OEM/ODM experience: no
Company Introduction
  • Formed in 1987, ImageWare Systems Inc., (IWS) is a publicly traded, USA based company. From inception, our company has focused on highly innovative advanced technology solutions. This evolution of technology advancement, industry leadership and measurable implementation experience has positioned ImageWare as a leader in the identity management industry, particularly in the segments of biometrics, public safety, secure credentialing and controlled access. This is reflected in the wide scale market acceptance of our flagship products and solutions:

    The foundation of our biometric identity management solution, the IWS? Biometric Engine is a scalable, agnostic, multi-biometric identity management platform that ensures only valid individuals gain access to controlled areas. Allowing for multi-biometric searching and matching, the IWS? Biometric Engine provides a scalable solution that allows organizations to manage population databases of unlimited sizes. In addition, the IWS? Biometric Engine is technology and hardware agnostic, enabling users to employ biometric devices and algorithms from any vendor, as well as support the combination of the following biometric types: finger, face, iris, hand geometry, palm, DNA, signature, voice, 3D face and retina. In fact, the IWS? Biometric Engine currently supports ninety-three hardware devices and methods or image acquisitions as well as sixty-five biometric algorithms, positioning this technology as leading the market in biometric identity management support.

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