XinXingLiang Electric-optics
XinXingLiang Electric-optics
Building Automation
Basic Profile
  • Country: China
  • Tel: 431-85795947
  • Fax: 431-85795947
  • Address: NO.3846 YongChunStveet.YongChun.Town.ChaoYangArea.ChangChun.JiLin.130115 China
  • Website:
  • Contact Person: Kiki Feng
Corporation in Brief
  • OEM/ODM experience: no
Company Introduction
  • We are a professional corperation of manufacturing all kinds of optical components, like cylindrical lenses, spherical lenses, prism, mirror, gluing lenses, lenses, plano-convx lenses, plano-concave lenses, filters, reflector, polarisers, etc., in which cylindrical lens processing is our special expertise.
Worldwide Branches
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