Basic Profile
  • Country: Japan
  • Tel: 81-422-31 8180
  • Fax: 81-422-31 8220
  • City: Tokyo
  • Address: 1-21-47, Iguchi, Mitaka-City, Tokyo 181-0011, Japan
  • Website:
  • Business Nature: Manufacturer
  • Contact Person: Takao tsushima
Corporation in Brief
  • OEM/ODM experience: no
Company Introduction
  • Space Inc. manufactures from a design and development of the lens for industry (glass processing, coating, a metallic mold manufacture, molding, substrate mounting, silk printing, metal part processing).It is consistent in all to sale, and is carrying out in the its company factory in Japan.  Indirect cost can be excluded because of in-house integrated production, time for delivery and all responses are quick, and dealing also with fine demand of a customer is possible. All processes inside the company, and being to be Japan, quality control it can be thorough and can permeate. Because of continuous production control system it has become easy to correspond to the demand of remodeling and special order etc..

    The SPACE INC. is quickest inside industry that using engineering plastic and metallic mold manufacture in the company. With the metal difficult shape and mass-producing the part of high accuracy stably shortly with delivery date are possible.
Worldwide Branches
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