Emergency Call Pendant Solution Secures UK High School

Emergency Call Pendant Solution Secures UK High School

Shorewood High School recently installed the Help Alert Emergency Call Solution, a wireless staff duress system manufactured and marketed by RF Technologies of Brookfield, Wisconsin. The new call system outfits teachers with wireless pendant style push buttons that are used to summon immediate assistance in the event of a medical or security emergency. Fortunately Shorewood High School has not experienced serious security incidents. But concern for the continuing well-being of students and staff remains a priority with administration, and this technology helps to ensure a safe and secure environment.

When a teacher needs urgent assistance with a medical or security concern, the teacher presses the button on a pendant that can be worn on a necklace, wristband or belt clip, or concealed in a pocket. With the press of a button, a silent signal is immediately transmitted to a central in-house computer, which can be set up to forward the teacher's name and the location of the emergency to pagers, walkie-talkies, wireless phones, or cell phones; for example, Smith, Lunch Room.

Timothy Kenney, Safety Administrator of Shorewood School District, said, "In a crisis or medical emergency, response time is critical. Help Alert will allow us to minimize the time needed to respond to such an event and take the necessary action rapidly to ensure the safety of our students. Since student safety is the priority, this is why we chose to have this system installed.”

With the implementation of the Help Alert technology, Shorewood High School elevates its security above the perimeter defenses of security guards, hallway cameras and metal detectors that are traditionally employed on many campuses.

The emergency call pendants can be carried directly to classrooms, locker rooms, athletic fields and other areas on school grounds where incidents may occur and there is no security coverage. Response time is significantly decreased, and because the security signal is wireless and silent, the teacher is able to call for help without escalating the situation.

Wyndham Gary, VP of Engineering of RF Technologies said, “RF Technologies has outfitted three Shorewood High School buildings with the wireless Help Alert solution. Shorewood High School is currently serving as the Beta Site for this new security technology, and every employee of the Shorewood School District who works in one of the three buildings carries a lightweight emergency call pendant.”

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