Tag Guard Wireless Systems Provide Safe Learning Environment for UK School

Tag Guard Wireless Systems Provide Safe Learning Environment for UK School

Trent Valley Academy's investment in Tag Guard's wireless security technology systems was quickly rewarded giving more evidence that wireless systems can be more effective than manned guarding.

Tag Guard's wireless security technology systems continue their strong track record of success in preventing crime following the installation of their systems at the new Trent Valley Academy in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire.

The purpose-built Trent Valley Academy was officially opened in September 2009 with the objective of replacing three schools in the local area. The school was designed for secondary school pupils at the age of 11 to 16 and includes a unit for disabled children.

Tag Guard's systems were used for two years by the building contractors during the construction phase of the academy. "We were aware that the building contractors were using an electronic beam security system from Tag Guard which was effective during the construction of the school," said John Cawdell, Director of Business and Resources for Trent Valley Academy.

"However, when the construction phase was over, the school was concerned that, once the academy opened, its state-of-the-art IT equipment, new furniture and other valuable assets could become a prime target for local thieves," Cawdell said. "We had used alarms and mobile patrols previously but we realized that we needed a more sophisticated and effective way of detecting a possible intruder in the school grounds."

"The building contractors recommended the wireless system that they had used throughout the construction phase of the academy," he said. "The system installed is used to protect external areas of the academy using Tag Guard's ‘Active IR' detector system, Tag Guard also interfaced the academy's existing standard hard-wired alarm and fire systems into their own systems so that they can provide remote monitoring".

"Since installation, the system has been extremely effective in detecting unauthorized visitors within the academy grounds and the remote monitoring center has quickly alerted us to every incident," Cawdell continued.

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