AVerMedia INFORMATION Secures GAU Dormitory in North Cyprus

AVerMedia INFORMATION Secures GAU Dormitory in North Cyprus

GAU in North Cyprus has turned its promise and pride into actions. A promise that guarantees a friendly and safe learning environment; a pride that claims its status of students composed of international students from more than 60 countries whom are required to stay at University dormitory for the first year. Security concerns have evidently become a priority for GAU.

AVerDiGi 16-CH embedded DVRs have been selected and installed throughout the dormitory. The DVRs are responsible to store surveillance data from 80 cameras. The cameras were mainly placed at entrances and exits to the dormitory, at risk areas such as poorly lit walking paths and locations where students and faculty might find themselves alone and defenseless, and at parking lots for suspicious activities.

DVRs are placed in a rack cabin in the system room where only authorized personnel has access to the surveillance hardware. Adjacent to the protected pile-up, DVR is the security room where AVerDiGi software integration was installed to combine all live surveillance images for monitoring by security staffs. The separation between the storage and monitoring ensures surveillance data is well protected in case of occurred incidence and police investigation. The connection between DVRs and security control center adopted fiber optic for surveillance data transfer.

To replace the outdated surveillance system, AVerMedia INFORMATION cooperated with local partner to present the features of AVerDiGi DVRs and CM3000 integration software that are superior than the features of former system. The DVRs provide a great assistance to the school security staffs by providing 16-CH real-time recording and displaying, and individual adjustable frame rate and resolution for key areas. Through network connection to the software, the entire system has been able to provide real-time alarm notification and 64 sets of alarm settings, two-level of user access and simultaneous display of 80 channels on one monitor in different modes. Up to 320 channels could be accommodated in one system, intelligent GUI and remote control up to 16 DVRs are possible on the solution.

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