Korenix PoE Switch for Transportation Markets

Korenix PoE switch has been integrated in a bus surveillance system for providing security to passengers and drivers with real-time video transmission. With the exclusive on-board 12 V power boosting technology, the switch ensures easy power feeding to the IP-enabled devices eliminating the need of an additional power supply. In addition, using the eight-PoE and two-giga uplink ports, the solution with anti-vibration and anti-shock design overcomes the unfavorable conditions on moving vehicles while ensuring larger video stream transmission. All these features provide easy installation and maintenance and make the technology the best solution for extended IP surveillance networking on public vehicles.

Demand for video surveillance in buses is growing due to the increased number of criminal threats. The emerging  innovations and the revolution to IP video surveillance provide users with efficient network video monitoring solutions. Deployment of IP on moving platforms comes out some potential problems: 48 V DC power supply is not available in buses, therefore, the legacy solution to power 48 V PoE cameras in vehicles requires extra power adapter to convert power formats from DC 24 V to DC48V, which will increase installation cost and decrease system efficiency. Modern buses contain multiple network cameras and other IP-enabled devices and require building large-scale IP networking systems. Other problems are due to the harsh environments that exist on moving platforms which lead to extreme temperature and humidity ranges as well as the need for mechanical robustness.

The switch appears to be the perfect solution for the bus system integrating company to address all these problems and to provide reliable bus video surveillance with reduced cabling and maintenance costs.

DC 12 to 24V power input enables the PoE function, which uses its built-in power booster and transfers it to 48V to deliver 15.4 W electric power per port to the network cameras and wireless AP inside the bus. Simultaneously, the solution collects the video streams from cameras, data packets from RFID readers and uses the Gigabit uplink ports stored the high-bandwidth information in mobile NVR systems.  As a result the installation maintenance time and cabling costs of the total IP surveillance networking solution was greatly reduced. All the data was then sent to the control room through wireless communication.

The switch works at the temperature range from -25 to 70 degrees Celsius. The fan-less and vibration resistance feature itself from the packs as well, which makes the solution suitable for transportation markets.

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