AVerMedia Provides a Safe Learning Environment for Taiwanese Students

AVerMedia Provides a Safe Learning Environment for Taiwanese Students

AVerMedia Information, a provider of surveillance, announced that its AVerDiGi DVR, CM3000 Gold system integration software, and capture cards have been selected to protect 161 teachers and 2861 students 24/7 at National Taichung Second Senior High School.

National Taichung Second Senior High School has been seeking to upgrade its conventional DVR system to better protect its students and faculties. Prior to the upgrade, the school possessed an outdated surveillance camera system which sent video surveillance images to only one server in the security center. This had caused a lot problems to the school that if the server in the security center crashed, the entire saved data would be wiped out. There would be no back-up data to retrieve if there were disputes between parents and teachers, vandalism, accidents, and even in helping police investigation.

Since the school had experienced the shortage of video surveillance capabilities, therefore it developed few requirements in selecting the replacement. First, the new system had to be cost-effective with minimal system replacement and users training. The DVR is expected to prevent any lost data. Third, the video surveillance has to be centralized into one central monitoring with back-up storage ability.

A total of 22 AVerDiGi DVRs, along with CMS and capture cards were installed to connect existing cameras in those high-profile areas throughout the campus. They have provided the school with extra back-up video surveillance storage that when the main hard disks crashed, the school staffs would be able to retrieve the data locally. The DVR and capture cards, which provide reinforced storage capability to the main server, are also cost-effective and ease of installation for security staffs with minimal technical knowledge. Combining with CMS integration, the DVRs enable the security personnel to monitor the entire school ground in one location, while receiving real-time alarm notifications when violation is detected. 

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