AVerMedia Hybrid: Beyond Imagination

AVerMedia Hybrid: Beyond Imagination

Moving to the IP platform starts with embracing hybrid technology. As the face of today's DVR landscape changes and the advances in IP technology grows, we are seeing that surveillance growth is shifting from traditional DVRs and analog cameras to networked video surveillance products. As players try to enter the new IP arena, they are doing cutting-edge Hybrid DVRs and DVRs that support both analog and IP inputs. AVerMedia has been on the fore-front of the hybrid surveillance industry for more than a decade and has perfected the art of this technology.

Landscape for Current DVR
Traditional DVRs and analog cameras have dominated the video surveillance market, but new technological advances in IP have shifted growth towards networked video surveillance. AVerMedia recognizes that Hybrid DVRs, which support both analog and IP inputs, is today's biggest market in storage of video surveillance. We are seeing more and more manufactures enter the IP arena. AVerMedia has been on the forefront in security industry for more than a decade. Most AVerMedia Hybrid DVRs now include higher compression video codecs such as H.264, dual codecs and hardware compression to accommodate higher resolutions of network cameras. They also support increasing channel counts going from four- and eight- channel DVRs to 16- and 32- channel DVRs. The embedded platforms being Windows or Linux based are also gravitating away from simple menu based designs to GUIs. It could be expected today's DVR needs to be fully customizable, scalable, future-proof and extremely easy to use.

AVerMedia's new EH DVR series was designed to be modern. The series is hybrid, so analog devices can be blended with the network cameras. This series also elevates user experience to the next level by being the first Linux embedded DVRs to have a true GUI! A GUI is more than just a face to a system. It is about a true user experience that encompasses all aspects of the user's interaction, so that when reality hits, threats can be identified, analyzed and responded instantaneously. The EH DVR series also allows all the channel frame rate and resolution to be fully adjustable so that it can be tailored to meet the needs for each surveillance demands. Now businesses can use D1 resolution on their cash register and entry areas, while conserving storage and bandwidth by allocating CIF resolution and lower frame rates on non-critical zones.

How the Shift towards Networked Video Surveillance and Hybrid Technology is Changing the Surveillance Market
The shift towards networked video surveillance is definitely making the convergence of IT and IP fields. The advances in IP surveillance technology have provided a path to a network platform. As the economy goes down and the need to reduce costs should be met while minimizing growing liabilities fuses the IT and security professional, which allows IP network path for effortless management of both cyber and physical security. Just as cyber security is remotely managed, physical surveillance can now be controlled and monitored from anywhere using the internet, making surveillance more cost-effective with greater scalability and includes a platform for integration.

AVerMedia's new CM3000 Gold is one big motivator in purchasing hybrid DVRs. With the ability to control 1,000 DVRs from one central location, companies are starting to realize the cost benefit of installing an IP-enabled smart surveillance system. Another benefit to a centralized system is the ability for security dealers to diversify their offerings, by adding managed services such as remote monitoring and remote data storage. Even during an economic downturn, the resiliency of managed services and monitoring revenues tend to remain, for the greater part, unaffected. Many dealers are now turning to robust software such as the CM3000 Gold to capitalize on these new opportunities. With the ability to monitor 1,000 DVRs, the CM3000 Gold offers a revolutionary user environment that allows concurrent views of 320 channels and customizations of channel, video and alarm displays. The software is also fused with alarm management for live and post event evaluation, integration of unlimited monitors, visual and intelligent search for rapid event traceability, remote administration/backup of DVRs and more. The CM3000 Gold is the sophisticated, functional and affordable management solution that makes network video and hybrid technology crucial to the new surveillance environment.

Types of Technologies Needed for Total Convergence
A truly open platform that can integrate existing building automations, corporate IP and IT networks with video surveillance is essential for the total convergence. The platform also needs to be open, with standardized policies and procedures in order to connect with all external management systems, such as cameras, access control card readers and environmental monitoring systems. In addition, the system design should be one that is easily incorporated into IT operations. Current DVR manufacturers have responded to this demand by creating DVRs that fit into the IT architecture. For example, AVerMedia's colossal new SA6832E RACK DVR is completely rack mountable to fit into any server rack, includes a complex set of relays and sensors that easily integrates into any environmental or building automation management system and has PoS support on every channel.

Here lies the biggest convergence boon of all – the complete harmony of business data, facility operations and security systems coexisting in one all-inclusive point of control.

What's the Feedback from Market?
Harvey Norman is a retail chain store in Electronics, Computers, Furniture and Bedding with more than 215 stores in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Slovenia and Malaysia. The store owner chose AVerDiGi's EH series which allow users to select either neywork or analog cameras in these 16 channels based on users' demand to guarantee the safety of every corner of the new retail store in Slovenia. They also selected AVerDiGi SF1301 which is a megapixel network camera to provide high-resolution images for security use.

Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand, the major air transport hub in Southeast Asia has selected AVerDiGi SA6832E Rack, a 32-CH hybrid and real-time standalone DVR to ensure every passenger's safety. It not only supports network, analog and PTZ cameras but also unlimited channels. "By powerful remote accessibility on PDA/cells, CMS (CM3000/CM3000 Gold) that controls up to 1, 000 DVRs, SA6832E Rack really keeps an eye on every corner of Suvarnabhumi Airport," said the Security Guard of Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited.

Why is Convergence Happening Now?
One of the biggest motivators in IP technology is of course the unbelievable picture quality. But the biggest obstacle in the security industry going IP was due in part to the high-resolution images coupled with high frames per second delivered by megapixel network cameras taking lots of bandwidth. But with today's higher capacity networks and modern compression methods, bandwidth utilization has gotten better to allow for convergence of IP technology into IT operations.

We feel that the industry will continue to move to IP as it also opens up more and more auxiliary advancements. For instance, we know that megapixel enhances image quality for surveillance, now DVR manufacturers are taking advantage of the afforded detail to provide highly developed biometric and video analytics software applications. AVerMedia includes sophisticated video intelligence as a norm on most of its new Hybrid DVRs, as well as biometric FaceFinder facial detection software on its new ultimate SA9416 Rack system.

The Next Evolution for the DVR
The market is going towards true HD network cameras that use minimal bandwidth translating into Pure IP DVR solutions. But along with that AVerMedia is going to see higher capacity storage solutions, biometric and video analytic advancements. AVerMedia has unveiled many cutting-edge IP solutions – including the XR8032 RACK and is currently working on storage and IP solutions that will maximize the benefits for users in the IP world.

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