Axis Network Cameras Safeguard San Antonio Community

Axis Communications, a provider for network video, announced that channel partner Pro-Vigil has implemented Axis network cameras at The Vineyard Subdivision, a San Antonio community, to protect property and ensure its residents' safety.

The rural subdivision, a gated community with 800 residents, was experiencing excessive after-hours loitering and vandalism at the three community pools, a high-rate of vehicle break-ins and recurring damage to entry gates caused by unauthorized cars attempting to enter the grounds. After the services of a roaming security guard proved costly and ineffective, The Vineyard contracted Pro-Vigil to install an intelligent network video surveillance system for remote monitoring.

Following a detailed site survey, Pro-Vigil opted for a complete IP-based system comprising network cameras, camera station software and Pro-Vigil I-Vigil software to remotely monitor eight entry and exit points as well as the swimming pool areas and pavilion. To complete installation, Pro-Vigil chose Motorola Canopy access points to enable wireless connections to the gates for ease of installation.

Centrally located, Pro-Vigil personnel now oversee up to 16 video feeds from each viewing station and can immediately contact police to report suspicious activity. The team also leverages the motion detection capabilities of network cameras to create after-hours security alerts. Additionally, video is stored for two weeks for forensic purposes.

As a result, problems have virtually been eliminated at the pools and there has been no further damage to the community's gates. By reducing the need for security guard services, The Vineyard has already seen a rapid return on its investment.

In conjunction with the network cameras, Pro-Vigil installed public announcement systems complete with sirens at the pool locations to issue announcements or warnings to loiterers lingering after hours. Sirens are used to deter illegal activity and disperse groups.

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