ViDiCore Expands Support Team

ViDiCore announced the expansion of its support team by hiring Lothar Stenmans to be a dedicated sales-support Engineer to offer more advanced project support.

Stenmans takes the role of on-field sales-support Engineer, benefiting ViDiCore's partners and sales team. He brings more than 10 years of high-level project experience in video security applications.

Prior to joining ViDiCore, Stenmans was project manager and worked all over the world on projects in petrochemical, gaming and military applications.

As a video expert, he supports the ViDiCore sales team by providing technical and sales trainings and seminars to distribution partners. He also provides professional project support and product demonstrations in-house and externally.

Due to his relation to the sales team, technical support as well as the repair department, Stenmans should be the first contact and information source when it comes to product information, lens and accessories selection in security.

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