VIVOTEK Upgrades Child Care Service for Daycare Webwatch

VIVOTEK Upgrades Child Care Service for Daycare Webwatch

Based in Toronto, Ontario, Daycare Webwatch is changing traditional child care services and giving parents peace of mind when their children is in someone else's care. In today's working environment, as more households consist of dual income and single parent families, the daily rituals of childcare have been increasingly outsourced. Since 1999, Daycare Webwatch has addressed this concern and operates under the belief that with IP surveillance technologies, parents no longer have to be uncomfortable with putting their children in another's care and can monitor their caregivers by simply sharing their child's day. With clients ranging from personal home care to childcare centers with 350 or more children, VIVOTEK products provide the core technologies empowering every installation.

With the combination of old and new surveillance technology, Daycare Webwatch uses VIVOTEK video servers to convert analog surveillance cameras into a digital web-based system, which produces video streams that can be recorded onto dedicated computers or streamed to the web that allow any parent or grandparent to watch online and on demand. "The video servers are extremely simple to deploy. So much that we have moved to a self-installation system. Configuration and integration is a snap," said Todd MacDonald, founder of Daycare Webwatch.

Each server can support up to four analog camera inputs and can be broadcast securely online with security features such as user authentication, password protection, and privacy masks. There are also intelligent video features for handling motion detection events and settings for configuring pre- and post- alarm snapshots. As IP surveillance technologies continue to advance, Daycare Webwatch soon will transition to completely IP-based solutions, as network cameras are able to provide significantly better image qualities at higher frame rates than traditional analog cameras.

Daycare Webwatch, in less than ten years, has expanded their local business in Toronto to all of North America, with care centers ranging from San Diego, California to Orlando, Florida, and many locations in between. With the increased value proposition from using VIVOTEK products, Daycare Webwatch has prominently differentiated itself from its competition. "It is a very competitive business and any additional value-added service allows a childcare center to differentiate itself. If a parent is choosing between two centers and one has our viewing system, they choose our center every time," said MacDonald.

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