LaserCard Awarded Follow-on Order from Angola National ID Program

LaserCard, a provider of secure ID solutions, received a US$11 million follow-on purchase order to supply the government of Angola with $8.8 million of optical security media cards and $2.2 million of integrated card personalization systems and consumables for the country's new national ID program. This is a follow-on order in addition to the $11.6 million order for cards and systems announced in October 2008. Last July, LaserCard began production and initial shipment of cards under the earlier order to meet the official launch of the advanced credential program in October, when the country's citizens began to receive cards.

Deliveries of cards under the new order are scheduled to begin in February 2010 and to be completed by August 2010. The cards, which are being issued as secure ID credentials to adult citizens nationwide, store personal and biometric identification information. Delivery of the integrated personalization systems and related consumables will be completed during the company's fourth fiscal quarter ending March 31.

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