Intellicheck Mobilisa Welcomes US Fireworks as Client

Intellicheck Mobilisa, a provider of ID verification and wireless technology, reported a contract with B.J. Alan Company to integrate Intellicheck Mobilisa's IDCheck FastForm into all PoS terminals in its 54 U.S. stores.

B.J. Alan Company is known as one of the top wholesale distributors of fireworks in the United States, with customer service being one of its keys to success and continued growth since the early 1970s. “We are honored B.J. Alan Co. has chosen our technology to further enhance their systems for better efficiency and customer service at the point-of-sale,” said Nelson Ludlow, CEO of Intellicheck Mobilisa.

Intellicheck Mobilisa's IDCheck FastForm automates the sale process as well as tracking purchases in relation to each customer and enhances customer service by streamlining the process of gathering customer information. With the swipe of an ID card, such as a driver's license, the customer's data is automatically and accurately entered into the customer database.

In the commercial sector, IDCheck FastForm is used to benefit companies in many different applications such as fraud prevention in financial institutions, retail organizations, and credit processing. In pharmacies it is used to track pseudoephedrine sales and controlled substances. Intellicheck Mobilisa's IDCheck FastForm is also used in hotels for efficient check in, self check in kiosks for car rental companies, new account set up for auto-populating fields of all digital forms, for Red Flag Rule compliance, age verification and anywhere that the validation of IDs are important.
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