Axis Increases Security for Portuguese Schools

Axis Increases Security for Portuguese Schools

Axis Communications announced that its network video cameras will play a key role in a comprehensive safe school project in Portugal. More than 12,000 network cameras will be installed in order to increase security in public schools in a cost-effective way. The installation started in August 2009 and is expected to continue during 2010.

The selected network camera models are for the indoor and outdoor installations. Axis network cameras are going to be installed in 1,200 schools, in second and third class of primary education and in secondary schools. The cameras will be installed in corridors and school entrances.

"We are proud to deliver our network cameras to the schools in Portugal. We have seen an increasing interest in installations of network video products at schools and universities due to a heightened interest in student security," said Ray Mauritsson, President of Axis Communications. "As the schools often have the infrastructure in place, a cost-efficient installation of network cameras with superior image quality can easily be deployed."

Axis' network cameras have been selected for this project because of their exceptional image quality, ease of installation and maintenance as well as their ability to connect directly to existing IP networks in schools. Furthermore, the functionality PoE will also reduce installation costs as the cameras will be fed with power through the Ethernet cable, unifying power and data on one cable.

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