Stretch's New Hybrid HD DVR Reference Design Allows DVR Manufacturers to Create Advanced Stand-Alone DVRs

Stretch's New Hybrid HD DVR Reference Design Allows DVR Manufacturers to Create Advanced Stand-Alone DVRs
The VRM6016 RDK provides unprecedented performance and flexibility, supporting standard-definition and HDcctv cameras, network cameras and high-definition display

Stretch, a provider in software configurable processors, announced availability of a hybrid high-definition stand-alone DVR reference design for video surveillance OEMs and ODMs who wish to incorporate the most advanced features into their products.

This new reference design kit, called the VRM6016 RDK, is built around Stretch S6000 family processors and delivers unprecedented performance and flexibility.  The stand-alone DVR market is more than four times greater than PCI add-in cards, and this newest solution from Stretch demonstrates the company's continued commitment to providing the most complete solutions for video surveillance manufacturers.

There are many new capabilities being developed for video surveillance, including HDcctv cameras, networking options, HDMI spot monitors, and H.264 SVC encoding.  The VRM6016 reference design incorporates all of these features to enable DVR manufacturers to quickly develop highly-differentiated products.

“Our goal with the VRM6016 is to provide the most features so that DVR designers can easily create differentiated products,” said Bob Beachler, Stretch VP of Marketing, Operations and Systems Design. “In this new design, we combined the power of Stretch S6000 family processors with a Freescale host processor and created a reference design that delivers world class DVR capabilities, but at a low bill-of-materials cost.”

“The video surveillance space is undergoing evolutionary and revolutionary changes with the move to IP-based networking,” said Ravi Jagannath, Low Power Processor Portfolio Manager for Freescale's Networking and Multimedia Group. “The Stretch S6000, combined with Freescale PowerQUICC communications processors, addresses key issues relative to advanced real-time networking of megapixel images while enhancing system features and lowering bill-of-materials costs.”

“With this new reference design, manufacturers wanting to incorporate HDcctv support into their standalone DVRs now have a quick path to market,” said Todd Rockoff, Chairman of the HDcctv Alliance. “Stretch is once again leading the way in implementing HDcctv technology.”

VRM6016 Reference Design Kit Information
The VRM6016 supports hexaplex operation — live view, recording, decoding, backup, network cameras and remote viewing, all running simultaneously. Designed for scalability, it supports camera inputs from standard definition CCTV cameras, HDcctv cameras and network cameras. It supports CIF, D1, HD, and multistream encoding and decoding in a variety of formats, including H.264 SVC, H.264 AVC, MPEG-4, and M-JPEG. Multiple spot monitors, including dual HDMI, VGA, and SD composite are incorporated in the design. The powerful S6000 devices enable an infinite variety of tiled and scaled video output, and support multiple planes of alpha-blended, onscreen display information.

The on-board Freescale MPC8377 PowerQUICC II Pro processor is used for running application software and for managing data movement over the dual gigabit Ethernet ports, SATA, and eSATA interfaces. Glueless connectivity is maintained via PCIe interfaces on both the MPC8377 and Stretch S6100 processors. With the same AP) found on all Stretch DVR reference designs, application code can be rapidly and efficiently ported to VRM6016 reference design.

The VRM6016 includes the Stretch Intelligent Encoder SDK and is compatible with all Stretch CODEC plug-ins, including H.264 Scalable Video CODEC (SVC), H.264 AVC and MPEG-4.

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