MITIE Safeguards London Landmark

London Thames Barrier upgrades security with access control, 24-hour surveillance and patrols

The Thames Barrier is one of the world's largest moveable flood barriers, protecting central London from tidal surges. The security of the Barrier is vital and it is MITIE who have been trusted with the challenge of managing their security operations for the next two years with the renewal of a significant contract.

The Barrier attracts a range of visitors, from interested members of the public to VIP guests and film crews. A security partner that can manage these varied and high-profile situations is therefore vital. As the Barrier is a national flood defense all security personnel must undergo Counter Terrorist Check clearance and specific training to understand the unique challenges of the site.

Protecting 125 square kilometers of central London, a breach in security at the Barrier could have a dramatic impact on the capital. The Environment Agency therefore needed a partner they could trust to provide 24-hour security service effectively.

“We wanted to work with a company that would take ownership of the security and work effectively with the other on-site personnel,” said Steve East, The Environment Agency. “With security required 24-7 all year round, you need not only a reliable and trusted security provider, but a team that you can work with on a day-to-day basis. This was a key factor in renewing our contract with MITIE.”

The contract includes on site patrols, 24-hour monitoring of security cameras and access control. All staff must be fully trained in the event of an alarm activation and know how to manage specific situations whether it be trespassers, safety or maintenance problems. All this activity and training ensures that this key flood defense and the local environment remain in safe hands.

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