NUVICO Secures Florida 400 Schools

NUVICO Secures Florida 400 Schools

NUVICO, a provider of professional digital video security solutions, has announced that its comprehensive line of surveillance products has been selected by one of the largest school districts in North American continent to add higher security measure on its 400 plus schools and facilities in the State of Florida.

"Clearly, the school district was taken by the superior picture quality of patented dome cameras and PTZ dome system—known for its outstanding picture performance and reliability. The school district has decided to standardize not only these cameras, but also the NUVICO 16-channel DVR as their standard high resolution recording device," said John Kwak, Vice President of NUVICO.

"School district places the utmost importance on the security and protection of its students and faculties. The super high resolution D1 recording capability of the DVR combined with the picture performance and reliability of our cameras provides the perfect solution to secure and protect not only the students and faculties, but has the added bonus of securing the district facilities as well," John added.

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