Artec Multieye Video Increases Efficiency at Turkish Construction Site

One of the newest projects in Istanbul, Turkey, for housing and development administration is now guarded by Multieye Video Surveillance Software. The installation consists of four cameras mounted on top of several construction cranes approximately 55 meters high, giving the management team 24-7 visual access to the construction side to overview the progress of the construction.

Volkan Akbaba, IT Coordinator for the site, said, “This setup saves a lot of time because the high resolution pictures can be accessed remotely via internet or via standard GSM network. Due to the intelligent bandwidth features of the software, there is no need to use the newly announced 3-G network. Another reason why we choose the Multieye solution was the ease of use. Our engineers didn't really need any training at all to use the software, even for remote access via PDA or from their PC at home.”

The completed project will consist of more than 500 apartments in several high rises at a secured compound, with amenities such as a pool and shopping.

“This solution consists also of a non-delay professional wireless network and Toshiba speed dome IP cameras,” said Jens Ringlstetter, VP Sales and Marketing for artec. “It shows again the leading position of artec's IP Surveillance Solutions especially in the area of megapixel processing. We are looking forward to the next steps of the project.”
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