RCG wins contract from the Malaysian Ministry of Education

RCG, a provider of biometric and RFID solution, will provide its RFID security personnel patrol solution to the Malaysian Ministry of Education (MOE). The Guard Tour Monitoring solution uses Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication enabled by RFID and wireless technologies to enhance security and improve operational efficiency in the security patrol process.

The first phase of the project will be delivered to 22 schools in Kerian, Perak. Following confirmation of the solution specification by the MOE and commissioning of the project, RCG will negotiate with the MOE for the next phase of installment to 10,000 more schools in Malaysia. This phase would have a contract value of about US$7.7 million over the next three years.

RCG's fully developed RFID Guard Tour Monitoring solution incorporates R10 portable wireless RFID readers to verify the RFID tags installed at the school and Guard Tour Monitoring software. The solution allows security personnel to patrol school premises carrying the R10 device and performing verification checks at designated locations. Upon detection of the RFID tag, the R10 device, which is equipped with Bluetooth technology, automatically transmits patrol-related data to a mobile phone and then to a central server through a GPRS network, enabling real-time tracking and security reporting. The Guard Tour Monitoring software records each transaction and issues an alert to administrators, which allows for real-time monitoring of the school's security and tracking of the security personnel. The security and school administrator will also be able to conduct post-patrol data analysis.

The system will replace the conventional systems that are currently used, which require manual checking at each location with no real-time features and no PC connections present. The M2M concept from RCG is intended to bring automation and security enhancement to schools.

Dato' Lee Boon Han, Deputy CEO of RCG, said: “We are extremely pleased to have won these contracts to provide RCG's security solutions to the MOE. The Malaysian government considers RCG as one of the most reliable solution providers in the region and these contract wins demonstrate RCG's proven ability to provide cutting-edge and high-quality solutions for its departments. We are proud to implement new innovative solutions involving M2M to solve industry needs.”

“Research by Strategy Analytics suggests that the global market for mobile M2M is estimated to be worth $20 billion this year and we see a vast opportunity in this area,” Lee said. “RCG is also pleased that its solutions will contribute to society by providing enhanced security in schools as well as providing students throughout Malaysia a significantly improved learning environment.”

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