L-1 Identity Solutions Technology Wins Iris Recognition Project in India

L-1 Identity Solutions, a provider of identity solutions and services, announced that its iris recognition technology is being successfully used as the iris-based identity management project in India. L-1's SIRIS biometric matching engine is facilitating the deduplication of records dispersed across multiple disparate databases and systems containing the iris codes of 56 million citizens. The program was awarded to L-1 through a regional partner on behalf of the state government of Andhra Pradesh.

"Our iris recognition algorithms and enabling technologies continue to power the largest and most complex identity-related applications around the world," said Robert LaPenta, Chairman, President and CEO of L-1 Identity Solutions. "In developed and developing countries, L-1 technology is doing more than acting as a protective measure, it is an enabler. A biometric-based system provides a simple and universal method of granting access to government-issued goods and services, much of which is critical for everyday survival, particularly for those that live below the poverty line."
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